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The Valley Care Pregnancy Centre
Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday Topics

1.    Celebrate Life!  Human life is unique, more valuable than “many sparrows” … and even more valuable than an entire herd of swine!  (List the awesome science of human life)
2.    The Church Celebrates every pregnancy: planned or unplanned!  Jesus Himself came to us through a series of sinful and unplanned pregnancies and was unplanned by His mother.  God has planned all our lives.
3.    Adoption is Beautiful! Joseph adopted Jesus.  God adopts all His children who believe in Jesus.  
4.    Discovering Grace is why He chose His Children (Eph. 1.6).  Grace is beautiful in the face of unplanned pregnancy, delivering a less than perfect baby or even giving life to a child of rape.
5.    Helplessness (in both the unborn and old age) The unborn tell of how we all need God’s provision to live and the elderly tell of our impending death and both tell loudly of our dependence upon God and call every human being to humble themselves, acknowledge God and give Him thanks with all our lives in service to others.
6.    Knowing God: Jeremiah 22.16 (God defines what it means to know Him as “pleading and winning the cause of the poor and needy”), John 17.3 (Jesus defined this knowledge of God as “eternal life”), John 3.16  (Jesus says this quality of life eternal, this empathy and compassion that pleads and wins the cause of the poor and needy was what motivated God the Father to send His Son to die in our place that we might have this very same life eternal, knowing Him, and in turn, plead and win the cause of others who are also poor and needy.)
7.    John leaped for joy at the sound of Mary’s voice (in utero at about 24 weeks). (Luke 1.5-45)  


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