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TAKEN Graphic 2020 LANDSCAPE Awareness a

Sex Trafficking Conference

Taken No More Conference: Compassion in Action. The TAKEN No More: Sex Trafficking Prevention and Awareness Conference was held online Saturday, May 23, 2020 at 10:00 AM with the Nova Scotia RCMP Human Trafficking Team. Brought to you by the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre, Kentville. 

Prevention • Identification • Rescue • Restoration • Reforms

 Join us to discover how you can make a difference today. 

The goal of our conferences is to gain knowledge, resources, ideas, and strategies needed to move forward in the efforts to end human trafficking and to protect the vulnerable in our local community. 

This conference partnered with local and international agencies to

  • Raise awareness of what sex trafficking is and how it is affecting people in our community.

  • Educate on the issues surrounding sex trafficking and how to recognize it and how and when to report it.

  • Give you the opportunity to form networks and groups finding the gaps and filling them with  your own specific strengths and abilities.

  • Learn ways to care for the vulnerable in our communities, protecting them from being lured into sex trafficking. 

We are convinced that God has uniquely positioned you right where you are to be a vital part of combating human trafficking and to prevent it from happening in the first place. Check this page for upcoming conferences in the future.

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