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Sarah is sitting in her doctor’s office as she hears the words, “You’re pregnant.”  The doctor is asking her, “What support do you have?” Through the fog of her shock, she’s thinking, “Not my boyfriend. Not my parents. Not my church … I guess I don’t have much support.  So I guess I don’t have many options."

The Valley Care Pregnancy Centre exists to help answer the question, "What support do you have?" Women and their partners tell us that what they need most is loving support. Our goal is to offer that loving support.

One of our recent guests described her visit as, "EXCELLENT! The liberating message ... and the affirmation in counsel I received was both freeing and affirming."

We offer 

  • ​Free, confidential, personal support for you, your partner and your family (or any combination of those).

  • Loving support from people who understand for as long as you need us

  • Free pregnancy tests

  • Maternity clothes & prenatal vitamin referral

  • Personal, one-on-one pregnancy coaching

  • Your own individualized pregnancy & parenting education

  • Pregnancy, Labour, Birth & Parenting videos & a private lounge for viewing & learning with a facilitator

  • Community referrals for tons of resources

  • Help with diapers, formula, maternity clothes & breast feeding

  • Quality baby clothes up to age two

  • Connection with a mom's group in your area

  • Phone, text & email support after hours

Text or Call us Now 902-678-6217

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