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Post Abortion Support

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"Having a medical abortion is a major decision with emotional and psychological consequences." (Mayo Clinic)

It is said that some women's post-abortion experience is positive. But our research with abortion providers and from what we are told by our guests, it is clear that women and men are experiencing physical and/or emotional complications after having had an abortion. We have never had any of our guests say that they were glad they had an abortion. When we shared this finding with a very busy abortion provider in Nova Scotia, he said (presumably based on his own experience) that there aren't any women who are glad they had an abortion. He said they're all crying before they wake up from the procedure.

The World Health Organization considers abortion to be a "problem." The the World Health Organization labels abortion as a "negative" condition or outcome, and the personal stories from all the women who have shared their abortion experience with us strongly support that statement.


We understand the need for support and encouragement and we are here for you. 

Countless women and men have shared with us their deep, long-term, unwanted feelings of regret, sorrow, guilt, shame, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, long-term physical health complications and suicidal thoughts and behavior which they say are directly linked to their abortion experience. Sometimes, just having an understanding person to listen can be a helpful experience. We are here for you and all our services are free and confidential.


We offer a highly acclaimed program called, "Living in Colour" or "Forgiven and Set Free" (for women) or "Healing a Father's Heart" (for men) all of which offer hope, help and healing. After suffering deep emotional and ongoing medical complications associated with a past abortion, both women and men who thought that they had "dealt with it" have gone through these programs and have shared how deeply their lives have been changed for the good. We invite you to contact us to learn more. We are here for you.

Many women and men tell us that abortion was not the "eraser" they expected, and the effects became long-lasting. We are here for you with resources to help bring hope and healing that our guests have found deeply helpful. Call or text us today at 902-678-6217  or email us at

If you wish to learn about one man's pain after an abortion, watch the video of a popular Rap singer, Flipsyde, who sings of his post-abortion experience and feelings of regret.


If you are looking for a resource on miscarriage, you may find the book, "Your Guide to Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss - Hope and healing when you're no longer expecting," written by Kate White, M.D., OB/GYN and miscarriage survivor, helpful. 

Text or Call us Today at 902-678-6217

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