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Are You a Victim or Survivor of Human Trafficking?

It can be so easy to get caught up on this. We understand. You are not alone. We are here for you. We offer personal, non-judgmental support, help with healing, renewal and exploring healthy relationship and self-care sessions, etc. We offer a study on healing after sexually abusive relationships called, "Steps to Sexual Health." For those who have suffered a forced abortion, we have a highly recommended study called, "Forgiven and Set Free."

How to tell if you’ve been trafficked
While every case of trafficking is different, there are signs you can look out for if something doesn’t feel right about your situation.

Promise of a better life
You can be trafficked by someone you’ve met in person or online.

They might have:

  • treated you like a princess at first, but then the relationship turned bad and you began to feel guilty for the problems and you longed to make the relationship right again. (Traffickers study how to manipulate girls in this way. It's not your fault if you find yourself in this situation. Those who love you understand and want to see you freed from this abusive relationship and support you.)

  • made sex rough or not nice, but then took you out and bought you something nice

  • suggested you have sex with someone else

  • promised you a good job or a relationship

Being forced to work
You might have been trafficked if you’ve been:

  • forced to work very long hours

  • paid very little, or nothing at all

  • forced to have sex with people

Having your freedom taken away
Your trafficker might have stopped you from leaving by:

  • isolating you from friends and/or family

  • taking away your passport, driver's license or identification papers

  • claiming you owe them money, perhaps for travel or accommodation 

  • accompanying you wherever you go

  • threatening to hurt you, your pet or someone you love

  • threatening to share shameful videos of you to other people (But remember, those who love you will not judge you. They will judge your trafficker.) 


You can be trafficked by people you trust

Locally, we have seen family members traffick other family members. If you are being told you have to have sex with someone, it is likely that you are being trafficked. No matter what reason they give you for this, it is wrong. You are not to blame. You have found yourself in an abusive situation and as confusing as it feels, we are here to help and support you. It is important for you and for others around you that you reach out for help. Those who have reached out to us for help in the past have found rescue and safety. We love you. We are here for you. 



  • Not self-identify as a victim of sex trafficking.

  • May not appear to need social services because they have a place to live, food to eat, medical care and what they think is a paying job.

  • Be taught to distrust outsiders, especially law enforcement. They have a sense of fear and distrust toward the government and police and people in authority. Foreign victims may be afraid they will be detained and deported.

  • Feel better in their current situation than where they came from, even if they are being exploited.

  • Be completely unaware of their rights or may have been intentionally misinformed about their rights.

  • Fear for their families and/or loved ones. Some traffickers threaten that they will harm their families if they report their situation to, or cooperate with, law enforcement. 

- Crime Stoppers

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