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Abortion Pill Health Risk

  • Do you know what “ambivalence” is? "Ambivalence" is when you have mixed feelings about something. Abortion is an irreversible process. The Guide for Dispensing Mifegymiso® for Medical Abortion in Canada says (top of page 2) that ambivalence is an "absolute contraindication" for the abortion pill. An "absolute contraindication" means that this medication must not be used. A procedure or medicine that falls under this category is to be avoided. This means that if you are experiencing ambivalence (mixed feelings), that the procedure should be avoided. We specialize in helping people work through their mixed feelings so they can make an informed health decision. Text or call us today at 902-678-6217.

  • When considering your options, it's important to note that the Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education has quoted (on pg. 5) the World Health Organization which labels abortion as a "negative" condition or outcome, and the personal stories from all the women who have shared their abortion experience with us strongly support that statement.

  • After a medical abortion, you'll likely experience a range of emotions — such as relief, loss, sadness and guilt. These feelings are normal. However, if, like many women who have shared their story with us, you find that your negative feelings about your abortion do not go away or get worse or they seem to be causing problems in your relationships, we facilitate after-abortion care which many women have found extremely helpful. Contact us any time to learn more about the help and support we have for you.

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