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Am I Pregnant?
If you are a sexually active female, then you may get pregnant. No birth control method is 100% effective.

How do you know if you are pregnant?
You may think you may be pregnant if your period is late, or you are having symptoms such as feeling unexplainably tired, having nausea, urinating (going pee) more often or having tender breasts.  We offer free pregnancy tests that are clinically tested and of the highest quality.  However, the only way to be sure if you are pregnant or not is to see a doctor.  If you do not have a doctor, we can refer you to one locally. 

We offer free (self-administered) pregnancy tests. 

We would love to discuss your situation with you.
Our (free and confidential) peer-option counselling and optional long term support will encourage you through this time in your life.

I'm Pregnant Now What?
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Healthy Pregnancy
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 First nine months
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